According to Bluumi, “the main problem of the business app that is created is that they do not bring anything new beyond being to be.”

Not all applications that are downloaded to the mobile remain in the device forever, far from it. Many run the risk of ending up being uninstalled if they do not please users. Even in the case of business apps .

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In fact, according to technology consultant Bluumi, there are ten major reasons that can lead a customer to uninstall those apps and they would have to do with errors at the time of design, starting with the need they satisfy. If the app is not absolutely necessary, in the end it is not used and it will end up uninstalled, according to 99% of the users consulted by Bluumi. Moreover, it is estimated that 95% of applications do not meet even half of the functionalities requested.

“Mobile business applications must have a specific purpose and meet needs that add value to users,” comments Álvaro Millán, CEO of Bluumi. “The main problem of the business app that is created is that they do not bring anything new beyond being to be.”

Another problem is the search system that these applications incorporate, which bothers 9 out of 10 users. A similar number of customers, 89%, also complains that the company appsdo not let them reach their goal in less than 3 touches and thus end up frustrated. And even a higher percentage, 95%, says that what takes them mainly to eliminate an app from their device is the space it occupies in memory.

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For the rest, there are complaints about the few possibilities of personalization , the existence of small micropayments , battery consumption for example of those applications that require geolocation or need to be always open, the subject of information security , little attention to the client and the abuse of the notification system .

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