Research, online presence and customer care, three key areas in the beginning of an online business.

Although the phase in which someone came up with a brilliant business idea and directly hung it on the internet is increasingly outdated, there are still many entrepreneurs who throw themselves into the field without having a clear notion of what they get into.

Obviously, there are many factors that can influence when a business idea, no matter how brilliant, comes out ahead or not. But there are certainly a series of basic movements that must be taken into account when undertaking, so that the foundations are somewhat firmer and the beginning, more successful. Also in ecommerce , which often ends as a disaster drawer of initiatives that its executors decided to launch, seduced by the projection that everything fits on the web as an inexpensive way to start, without the need for a major outlay, either in the beginning or in maintenance .

Nathan Resnick, CEO of Sourcify, distinguishes several basic elements to undertake in ecommerce , which can be extrapolated to the beginnings of many businesses, and which we have summarized in four points.

First, it is necessary to manage the viability of the business from its conception. For this, a small investigation is necessary to verify the originality of the project and to know the market and the competition. It seems obvious, as well as having a business plan that guides the basic lines of the company and how to focus efforts; but in the fervor of drawing an idea forward it is not always taken into account to structure it.

Another key is the importance of online presence , which passes through a well-maintained website with quality content through which to work and boost presence in search engines (essentially Google). For this, it is essential to use social media tools , choosing the most appropriate ones to the business and using them to build the brand identity, interact with potential clients and integrate into the online community of the target market.

In establishing the foundations of a business there is a third element: to offer a service or product of quality, enhancing the customer experience . Sometimes, in markets where there is some saturation or it is more difficult to emphasize, the key for consumers to choose one brand or another simply turns out to be how they treat them.