The Acronis Software Defined Storage platform can now be accelerated with the Intel ISA-L encryption and compression algorithm repository.

Acronis announces news on its SDS (Software Defined Storage) platform , launched on the market in 2016 and a pioneer in the use of data verification through Blockchain .

This is Acronis Storage , already in version 2.3, which comes with support for Intel ISA-L(Intelligent Storage Acceleration Library). Basically it is a repository of algorithms related to centralized storage, cryptography, deduplication and compression … that are optimized for applications where performance and latency are critical.

In practice, the idea is that administrators can manage large volumes of data stored in different places as if it were just one . But also incorporating these advanced techniques so that the performance of the systems is not affected during the processes of input and output of information.

Acronis Storage can store any type of data: block level , file level , object level , etc., being able to apply these techniques in all of them. As a consequence of this, high availability and integrity of information is obtained .

Acronis Storage is complemented by Acronis Notary , the blockchain-based architecture capable of generating a fingerprint of data protection that ensures its immutability.