Adobe Campaign will allow you to use artificial intelligence to find the most appropriate image for an email or predict customer rotation.

Adobe has announced a number of new capabilities for its email marketing tools Adobe Campaign. It highlights Adobe’s work to bring auto-learning and AI capabilities to its Campaign products , through its Sensei AI platform.

The Adobe Campaign already allows its users to use artificial intelligence to find the best “Subject” words for their emails, and soon they will also be able to suggest the most appropriate image to show the person opening a marketing email. As an image is displayed, the service algorithm examines a variety of signals to decide which image is most likely to react to a client.

Another new predictive feature from Adobe is a tool for predicting customer rotationbased on how users are involved with emails. Since Adobe has a large amount of data about its users – from Campaign, Adobe Analytics and other services – you can create a fairly tight profile of a company’s customers. Combined with the Campaign data, this tool can predict when a customer is more likely to cancel a service subscription, for example.

Most of the new Campaign features are now available, such as better dashboards, new email templates and better support for multilingual campaigns, but some of the most interesting features are currently being tested internally in Adobe Labs, TechCrunch reports .

In addition to announcing these products, Adobe has released its latest survey among email users . He points out that 80% of respondents in the United States said they open 82% of work emails and 60% of personal emails. 61% say that email is their preferred way of being contacted by brands. In short: the power of e-mail endures.