The growth in the amount of data available, its complexity and variety, makes companies aware of the relevance of advanced analytics solutions, according to a Forrester report for Experian.

This is one of the conclusions of the signature Forrester. According to his report developed for Experian, advanced analytics is the key to make the most of the large and increasingly complex data sources and thus becomes a priority investment. In fact, it is considered the top investment priority for 87% of the business leaders surveyed.

The study, entitled “The new frontier: Unlocking the power of data” and made among 600 top executives in EMEA, shows that, through the use of these solutions, they want to face the growth in the amount of data available and their complexity and variety that is a challenge for 40% of companies.

81% of managers say that the improvement of analytical skills is vital if they want to continue offering a competitive service, safeguarding their clients and their companies from the impact of fraud, risk and the possibility of not having the necessary resources to be able to Comply with upcoming regulations.

The document also emphasizes that 89% of organizations in the EMEA region have among their permanent priorities to improve customer protection and that more than 8 out of 10 decision makers say they are not sure they can comply with regulations existing or future. In addition, most respondents are aware that they face the pressure of increased activity from both existing customers (60%) and new customers (48%).

All this leads them to conclude that advanced analytics is critical, today, for their organizations.

And the Spanish are not alien to this reality. According to Forrester data, 85% of Spanish companies have already planned or are planning to invest in partners during the next 12 months that can build, execute and manage analytical programs since they often do not have access to the skills and experience they need .