The project, which is called Sidewalk Toronto, is made jointly between the startup of the giant Sidewalk Labs and Waterfront Toronto.

Much has been written about smart cities , cities where certain technological elements are applied to make them smart, improving their efficiency, their functionality and the general quality of life of those who live in them. The habitual cases of this type of initiatives are those of existing localities that update certain elements, adapting them to the new technologies.

Now, Alphabet has taken a step further, thanks to an alliance of its moonshot Sidewalk Labs with the city of Toronto, through the organization in charge of the management of the shore of Lake Ontario. Through this joint venture , Sidewalks Labs will design an intelligent neighborhood , which will be located on the east side of the lake and called the Quayside . The project has been called Sidewalk Toronto.

At least since April last year, there has been speculation that Sidewalk Labs, Alphabet’s subsidiary specializing in urban applications of technology, could develop a smart city from scratch. Precisely these rumors pointed then the possibility of working first in a digital district of an already existing locality.

After investigating different areas, in March 2017 they submitted their proposal to the Waterfront Toronto organization, which had launched a competition to find a founding innovation partner to upgrade the Eastern Waterfront area. The Alphabet affiliate project has finally been chosen.

According to their website , Sidewalk Toronto will combine state- of-the-art urban design with new digital technology to create people-centered neighborhoods that achieve significant levels of sustainability, accessibility, mobility and economic opportunities.

The startup will invest $ 50 million in the first phase of the project, explains BusinessInsider , although it is estimated that full development will raise the cost to at least 1,000 million.