It will be the first center that the Amazon Lab126 R & D company has outside the United States and could develop specific products for India.

Amazon Lab126’s research and development subsidiary will soon have an advanced laboratory in India. This is advanced by the web FactorDaily , which specifies that the center will be located in the financial capital of India, Mumbai .

The sources of the web did not specify a calendar for the installation of the laboratory, but did indicate that Amazon is already hiring personnel for the same.

When this experimental center is opened, it will be the first that Lab126 has outside the United States. The company is present in six US cities and has more than 3,000 employees. Lab126 was responsible for Amazon’s key product concept , such as the Kindle eBook reader, the smart Echo speaker, the Dash purchase buttons, and the Fire TV tablets and devices.

There is a possibility that the center of Mumbai simply welcomes developers who work on the same ideas as their US counterparts but could also serve to develop innovations specifically targeting Indian consumers .

In this sense, Amazon is already present in the area of ​​online sales in India . The company earmarked $ 5 billion to invest in its local operations in 2014 and since then has launched in its Asian country its Prime Express service, the Prime Video streaming video platform and the Fire TV Stick dongle. It is also rumored to market the Echo in India from next month.

In the case of the Echo , it would not be enough to simply sell the speakers; Amazon should also support the multiple languages , dialects and accents in a country of 1.325 million if it wants to succeed. Here Lab126 could play a role in enhancing Alexa’s voice recognition capabilities.