Employees of Amazon India are seen behind a glass bearing the company's logo inside its office in Bengaluru, India, August 14, 2015. REUTERS/Abhishek N. Chinnappa

It is partnering with various mobile ad platforms to offer promotions on mobile devices and television.

The online advertising is the mainstay of Google ‘s business and a key part of the strategy of Facebook. Its rival Amazon does not want to be less and is planning a large expansion of its online advertising business.

The Seattle company aims to expand its online ad business far beyond its own sites and products. For this, it is being associated with various mobile ad platforms to link promotions on mobile devices and television . According to Engadget , Amazon also wants to expand its video ads by creating “branded” videos with famous hosts.

The main advantage of the ecommerce giant to attract advertisers is to give them what they most want: data from buyers . The company is willing to share more information than rivals like Facebook and Google offer if the advertiser was willing to spend enough. If we add that Amazon already has a wide knowledge of the buying habits of its users and a large volume of online traffic, its offer can be very tempting.

Google and Facebook dominate the world of online advertising, with more than 70% market share between the two according to Pivotal estimates. Amazon is aware of this and therefore aspires to become a third option that increases competition. This could lead to a fall in the prices of the mobile advertising and on the Internet.

Another reason for the company led by Jeff Bezos to multiply his advertising business is to diversify his sources of income . Even with its growing cloud services, Amazon continues to rely heavily on its online store. A large advertising business could give Amazon a cushion if the demand for its ecommerce goes down, as well as help finance some of its experiments, such as drones delivery.