The company of Jeff Bezos bets hard for his smart assistant.

Amazon redoubles its efforts by Alexa , its virtual assistant based on advanced artificial intelligence technology that is presented in its intelligent Echo speaker.

The ecommerce giant has decided to sign hundreds of engineers to work on improving Alexa , which implies that this division of artificial intelligence will have preference over others in new hires of employees, collected in Fox Business .

Amazon uses data from its customers’ purchases and offers a personalized and efficient service at Alexa, but from Google they are struggling hard in the business of smart assistants.

In that sense, it should be noted that the Mountain View company last week signed an agreement with Wal-Mart , which means that users of the Google Express Shopping service will be able to place their orders online at Wal-Mart through the virtual assistant of voice of Google.

Also, it should be remembered that a few days ago the alliance between Amazon and Microsoft was announced to integrate Alexa in Cortana and vice versa.

Finally, it should be mentioned that according to a study by Loup Ventures, Google and Alexa understand the questions that are formulated with a similar level of effectiveness of 95%.