The company has opened the search for the US city that will host this venue, which will have the same status as Seattle.

The ecommerce giant wants to be even more giant. Amazon has announced the construction of a second headquarters in the United States , which will share with current Seattle the company’s headquarters. The company will invest 5,000 million dollars in the construction and commissioning of the facilities.

Amazon estimates that this second location will generate about 50,000 jobs, plus several tens of thousands of additional positions and, they estimate, billions of dollars also in investments in the adjacent communities.

From the ecommerce company they want to make it clear that these second offices, which for now are simply called HQ2 by headquarters 2 , “headquarters 2”, will have the same status as the current ones. It will not be a satellite office , and in fact the teams and managers will be hired from zero, they will not be transferred from Seattle. Yes the workers of this first center are given the opportunity to request the transfer if they wish.

The CEO of the company, Jeff Bezos, clarifies it . “We expect HQ2 to be a complete equal of our Seattle headquarters,” he says. “We are excited to find a second home.”

Amazon has already opened the deadline for the localities of the country who wish to opt to host this “second home” of the giant are running . Priority will be given to cities that meet a number of requirements, such as having more than one million inhabitants, a business environment, or urban and suburban locations with attractiveness for attracting talent.

According to Reuters , the company could target a city cheaper than Seattle, and will take into account the tax incentives that can be proposed from the governing bodies. The agency notes that several localities and states have already shown interest, such as Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami or even Toronto Toronto.