The e-commerce company will market five models of Apple and Google television devices.

Change in the situation between Amazon, Google and Apple in terms of competition in the television device market. The usual trend has been the confrontation and withdrawal of services and products from the other, especially between Google and Amazon.

In fact, the penultimate movement in this series of events took place between these two companies, and made it foresee that relations would be stressed, by blocking Google the YouTube app on the Fire TV, as well as the Echo Show, the speaker Smart with Amazon screen.

The Mountain View company justified this decision by referring to the decisions of the ecommerce platform not to include in its offer products such as Chromecast and Google Home, competition of Fire TV and Echo, also recently retiring some Nest products, proprietary brand of Google. Amazon has introduced its own smart camera, similar to the latter company. It also does not include the Prime Video app on Chromecast.

Taking into account this situation, Amazon’s decision to sell on its platform Chromecast and Apple TV , a move that advanced the web CNET surprises . The ecommerce giant has confirmed the news to the medium, although without giving details of the exact date in which they will be available. Amazon has included among the products on sale on its website five devices of these families, re-entering the brands two years after having eliminated them. There will be the Apple TV, two versions of the Apple TV 4K, the Google Chromecast and the Chromecast Ultra.

The decision of the company of Seattle could suppose a radical change in the situation between the companies, as they indicate the commentaries of a spokesman of Google to means. According to this person, they are holding “productive discussions with Amazon to reach an agreement for the benefit of our mutual customers,” indicating that they hope to “reach an agreement to resolve these problems soon.”