Amazon Web Services has decided to rely on graphics virtualization technology developed by AMD.

AMD and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have joined forces to deliver the next generation of virtualized applications .

With AWS AppStream 2.0, customers can access GPU-accelerated virtualized applications , from standard Windows productivity applications to rugged design and engineering applications powered by AMD Radeon Pro graphics.

On the other hand, it should be noted that Radeon Pro virtualized GPUs have the so-calledmultiuser GPU , the industry’s first and only hardware-based virtualization technology on a GPU, based on SR-IOV (Single Root I / O Virtualization ).

This technology offers GPU programming logic in hardware that helps ensure a better quality of service for users.

It also preserves the integrity of Virtual Machine (VM) data and its application data through hardware-enhanced memory isolation logic , which prevents a VM from accessing data from another VM.

Also, it exposes all the graphical functionality of the GPU to applications , allowing full virtualization support not only for graphical APIs such as DirectX and OpenGL, but also for GPU calculation APIs like OpenCL.
Finally, remember that in the past AMD has signed similar agreements with Google and Alibaba.