Apple and Accenture have signed an agreement to help companies develop better applications for the iOS operating system with which iPads and iPads operate. Accenture will create an iOS practice at select Accenture Digital Studios, which Apple experts will also work on.

Apple and Accenture want to make it easier for companies to develop applications for IOS. This has been ensured by the two companies that highlight, in a statement, the great potential of this alliance.

Specifically, Accenture will create a practice dedicated to iOS that will be based on some of the Accenture Digital Studios that the company has around the world. Apple experts will be located on these teams, so both companies will work together to develop and launch a new set of tools and services that help companies transform the way they relate to consumers through the iPhone and iPad .

“For 10 years, first with the iPhone and then with the iPad, Apple has been transforming the way you work. However, we believe that companies are only taking a small part in everything they can do with our products, “said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “Apple and Accenture are leaders in developing incredible user experiences and together we can continue to modernize the way companies work through amazing solutions that take advantage of Apple’s incredible technological capabilities.”

According to Accenture President and CEO Pierre Nanterme, “Based on our experience developing mobile applications, we believe iOS is the best platform for business and we are excited to be working with Apple. Thanks to Accenture’s vast digital capabilities and our industry know-how, coupled with Apple’s market leadership in product development that delights consumers, we are in the right position to help companies transform the way who work “.