Strategy Analytics believes that the iPhone will become the first smartphone to reach trillion dollars. He estimates it will be late 2018.

Apple is expected to present tomorrow the next generation of its iPhone. A generation that will help you get close to the trillion dollars in revenue for smartphones .

And is that, according to calculations by the consultancy Strategy Analytics , Apple will achieve that first trillion in just over a year. “Revenues continue to grow and we predict that the iPhone will become the first smartphone in the world of trillion dollars at the end of 2018″ , specific Ken Hyers, director of Strategy Analytics.

For the moment , between the date of its US release back in 2007 and the second quarter of 2017, the iPhone has generated Apple about $ 760.4 billion in revenue.

Not in vain “the iPhone is one of the best-selling consumer electronic products of all time in the world,” says Neil Mawston, CEO of Strategy Analytics.

Since the launch of the first model, over the last decade, some 1.2 billion units have been distributed around the globe.

Yiwen Wu, a senior analyst at Strategy Analytics, says that, despite being already ten years old, the iPhone “is still very popular in major countries.” Of course, “with the exception of China and India, where local competition from Chinese brands and high prices are making it difficult for Apple to gain ground.”