During the fourth quarter of 2017, the Cupertino firm placed 77.3 million iPhones compared to 74.1 million Samsung smartphones.

Throughout 2017 less smartphones were distributed around the world than in 2016, although not much less. Compared to the 1,473 million units of a year earlier, 1,472 million were sent, which is a drop of just under 1%.

The most prominent seller was Samsung with 317.3 million smartphones , which are 1.9% more than the 311.4 million that had managed to distribute in 2016.

However, if you analyze the last quarter of the year separately, you see how Samsung loses its leadership at the hands of Apple . And is that between the months of October and December, Samsung suffered a fall of 4.4% that led him to place only 74.1 million units of smartphones compared to 77.3 million iPhone . And that Apple also experienced some slowdown in the quarter, specifically, 1.3%.

During the last quarter of the year the total number of smartphones placed all over the world remained at 403.5 million units.

Apple benefited during that period the momentum of certain iPhone models such as the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. “Apple continues to show that having numerous models at different prices is a good indicator to bring home owners. smartphone to iOS “, explain from IDC , which is the consultancy that offers all these figures. “Although the demand for the new higher priced iPhone X may not have been as strong as many expected, the overall iPhone line attracted a wider range of consumers in both emerging and developed markets.”

Yes, at an annual level Apple is still far from Samsung, as the giant of Cupertino sent 215.8 million phones between January and December .