The Cupertino firm has eliminated Telegram from the App Store, a decision that has taken by surprise those responsible for the known instant messaging application, although fortunately it is not final and could have a solution very soon.

As we can see in the source of the news Apple has removed  Telegram from the App Store because it has received complaints that it was showing inappropriate content . We do not have specific information about the exact type of content, but it confirms that there has been a violation of the terms established in the Apple application store and gives us why it has disappeared from that.

Pavel Durov, founder of the social network VK and main responsible for Telegram Messenger, has confirmed the problem through Twitter and has said that they are working to implement the necessary measures that will allow them to return to the App Store.

Telegram has achieved great popularity thanks to its commitment to security , integrating advanced functions that guarantee the secrecy of communications (such as end-to-end encryption, for example).

We know that most instant messaging services currently use end-to-end encryption, but the situation was very different when Telegram debuted in 2013 and that allowed it to make a clear difference to its rivals.

We do not believe that Telegram will have problems to return to the App Store so in principle there is nothing to fear. Those who have downloaded the application on iOS can continue using it without problems, and those that you can not use as a temporary solution to the web version.