Apple will present its new iPhone models this week and many have been rumors that have happened over all these months. We collect what is offered by prestigious journalists and media.

In fact, many will think that it is something that happens every year, beyond that later some become reality and others will not stop being rumors. What is certain is that various media and specialized journalists agree that leaks this year have reached an unprecedented level, knowing a lot about what will be the design, the new screen, the methods of unblocking the same, removing the Home button, the wireless charge of your battery, and even details the possibilities of your software and implementations. This is where most of the leaks lie, as developers have largely discovered even the arrival of new products by publishing some test codes. This is the case of the projected speakers that have been called HomePod.

John Gruber, a blogger known for his usual coverage of the company Apple, comments that “the best thing is that I have been able to verify that these compilations were available to be downloaded by anyone, but obscured by long URLs and not recommended.”

It seems that someone from inside Apple filtered the list to some web like 9to5Mac and MacRumors , and it does not seem that it was an error, but rather a deliberate act on the part of some employee of the company.

The BBC has confirmed that an anonymous source provided several publications, links to the iOS 11 (GM) master codedownloaded from Apple’s own servers. GM is a term commonly used by companies to indicate that it is a product version ready for publication. Thus, several surprises were uncovered produced by the software leak.

The findings made public so far agree that there is a clear reference to a new iPhone X , a high-end model that seems to have implemented a screen with OLED technology . The images of new AiPod and new Apple Watch headphones have also been made patent .

The software code has also unveiled the new configuration process for Face ID, an alternative to the fingerprint system with which the latest models of iPhone and iPad have been unlocked until now , and which would be used to unlock the phones and be able to perform payments with Apple Pay. 

The introduction of Animoji, animated emoji characters, will also be able to reflect the captured facial expressions of a user. The company would have suffered for the second time leaks produced by some employee of the company.

In MacRumors published as the iPhone X model with OLED screen and dimensions of 5.8 “as well as the i Phone 8 Plus 5.5 inches , would both count with up to 3 GB of RAM, compared to the iPhone 8 screen size (4.7 inches) would have only 2 GB.

Within the technology sector, it is increasingly becoming more difficult to keep new releases secret, especially when you rely on supply chains for components and manufacturing by third parties. However, the company of Cupertino is something that has managed to care for the smallest detail in past times, which shows that something is happening today and is no accident.