The new functionality would avoid the need to connect to an iPhone to perform certain actions.

Apple is in a good time, but neither is it can be said that the company of the apple has gone through bad times recently. With recent positive results , on the way to presenting its new iPhone and with prospects of reaching a trillion dollars , the Apple company has everything to relax on the laurels of success. But this does not seem to be his intention.

The next innovation could come through its smartwatch since, according to Bloomberg , Apple could launch a new version of its Apple Watch that connects directly to mobile networks . This change is intended to give greater autonomy to the device, sources close to the project explain to the agency.

This new line of Apple Watch would carry LTE chips, provided by Intel , thanks to which they could be linked to telephone lines. They are scheduled to be launched later this year. Currently, Apple’s smartwatch needs to have an iPhone close to access certain features or applications through the wireless connection to the phone, such as playing music or sending messages.

The company is already in talks with several operators from the United States and Europe to prepare the mobile version of Apple Watch . Not all companies working with the iPhone would also serve smartwatch, at least at the time of launch.

Apple Watch sales have increased more than 50% in the third quarter of the year, consolidating it as the best-selling smartwatch on the market, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook. According to the analysts consulted by the agency, giving independence of the device with respect to the iPhone could help to increase sales in a remarkable way.