Through automatic learning, the new Aruba is able to perceive alterations in the behavior of users and devices that are indicative of threat.

Aruba has set out to help companies cope with the risks of an age marked by mobility, the cloud, the internet of things and a panorama of changing threats.

For this, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has announced the Aruba 360 Secure Fabric .

Aruba 360 Secure Fabric arrives as a security reference framework to detect new and unknown threats and respond to advanced cyber attacks using behavioral analytics technology .

Its components include Aruba IntroSpect UEB, Aruba ClearPass and Aruba Secure Core solutions.

Aruba IntroSpect UEBA is a family of continuous monitoring software that contributes to the detection of attacks. Through the automatic learning is able to perceive alterations in the behavior of the user and the device that are indicative of an attack. This solution is also prepared to generate risk score according to the seriousness of the situation and accelerate the investigations.

For its part, Aruba ClearPass is a solution that serves to control access to the network and manage security policies. It recognizes users and also IoT machines and BYOD devices to respond automatically to incidents.

And Aruba Secure Core consists of essential security features offered at Wi-Fi hotspots, mobility controllers and switches, such as the Aruba 8400 campus.