This Atomian product line has the ability to learn and work with data in real time.

To help move away from repetitive tasks, by adding a layer of intelligence and freeing up resources, the Catalan startup Atomian, which develops cognitive computing software, has launched Atomian Performance .

Atomian Performance is a new line of products that allow the automation of business processes in different scenarios where decisions have to be made . For example, in departments to solve incidents. Thus, within the family of Atomian Performance is Atomian Dispatch to precisely manage incident resolution or ticketing processes and message classification. But also Atomian Insight, which serves to extract key data in legal documents and Atomian Inbox, which is focused on orders in the travel sector.

What Atomian Performance is looking for is optimizing the internal management of companies, speeding up decisions that usually depend on people and solving errors with real-time data .

This technology is capable of learning . When the decision depends on a case history, it would be prepared to discover incidents, make forecasts and solve problems. From Atomian they emphasize that Atomian Performance can be trained for situations like the attention to the client or the allocation of resources.