The Amazon cloud renews its catalog to bet on a greater integration of technologies such as machine learning.

Amazon Web Services celebrates this week the sixth edition of its AWS re: Invent event in Las Vegas, the cloud conference in which the Seattle company takes advantage to present its innovations and announce new collaborations.

Among the main changes that come to the catalog of the cloud leader is a greater integration of artificial intelligence , with five new services based on one of the most popular aspects of AI, machine learning. On the one hand is Amazon SageMaker , which allows developers and data scientists to easily create, deploy and manage their own machine learning models .

The other four services are Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Translate, Amazon Comprehend and Amazon Rekognition Video , which allow those in charge of developing applications a simple way to transcribe audio to text, translate, extract conclusions from written texts and analyze videos.

The company integrates this AI technique with others in AWS DeepLens , a wireless camera enabled for deep learning . The device allows executing computerized vision models in real time, with which to provide a practical experience in automatic learning to developers.

The internet of things is also having its place in the AWS re: Invent. The cloud arm of Amazon has presented six services to facilitate work with connected devices and expand their capabilities. These tools also include the company’s commitment to machine learning , with a new feature, AWS Greengrass ML Inference , which facilitates its application in decision making.

AWS has also announced new agreements with organizations such as Disney, Expedia and the United States National Football League, with which they reinforce their collaboration.