The change will occur in the rates of use of the EC2 service and will take effect on October 2.

Amazon’s cloud business has just announced an update on the payment method that could affect not only its customers, but the rest of the cloud business. AWS will charge its clients EC2 , one of its most popular services per second .

As explained in the announcement , the change occurs after observing the use of certain services by customers. The company puts its own applications such as AWS Lambda, which allows you to run the code without the user having to worry about managing the servers. These have helped them to see how part of their clientele makes use of a large number of instances in short periods of time.

The Seattle-based giant, struggling to find a city for its second headquarters, highlights how with the launch of its EC2 service in 2006, it was billed hourly, rather than having to buy or rent a server.

Currently the change in tariffs, which will take effect on October 2 and will have a minimum charge of one minute, will only be available for Linux-based applications that are launched from now or are already running, staying out  those of this operating system that have a different charge per hour and all corresponding to Windows. It will be effective in all AWS regions.

Jeff Barr, one of the top managers of Amazon’s cloud service, points out that this change will translate not only into savings for its customers, but will “inspire them to innovate”, engaging computer problems in new ways.