The companies have sealed an agreement to benefit the user experience in consumer electronics and smart devices.

At the beginning of the year, Xiaomi’s CEO , Lei Jun, officially closed his run of bad results, certifying it with “the worst has happened”. The company, he said , had taken good note of the dangers of focusing on a business vector and neglecting potential areas of development, and intended to expand into other areas.

In line with this change of attitude could be understood the agreement signed today between Xiaomi and Baidu for the collaboration in artificial intelligence and IoT . At least from the point of view of the manufacturer of smartphones, which had already taken several steps in this direction with movements such as its partnership with Nokia.

Baidu , which in recent times is channeling its innovation strategy towards autonomous driving, has made several acquisitions of companies previously to expand its catalog in AI, such as the Seattle startup KITT.AI , specializing in natural language processing, or Raven Tech, creator of a voice assistant.

The agreement, which the companies have revealed today at the first conference of developers of Xiaomi on IoT, assures them a new association in depth in technologies related, precisely, with the internet of things, in addition to artificial intelligence. This collaboration puts the focus on improving the user experience in its application in consumer electronics and smart devices .

Among the projects that will be tackled jointly, the companies intend to apply artificial intelligence tools in real scenarios, using virtual and augmented reality technologies, deep learning, natural language processing and computer vision, among others. This will lead, they explain in a press release , to an integration of the uses of IA with IoT solutions.

When assessing the agreement Qi Lu, COO and chairman of the group in Baidu, has highlighted the leadership of Xiaomi in the IoT industry, while since the latter Lei Jun, its founder and CEO, has referred to the “deep experience” in artificial intelligence technologies “of its new partners.