The new edition of this meeting on data analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud and digital transformation is scheduled for November.

The sixth edition of Big Data Spain has been announced for mid-November. It will be held in Madrid from 15 to 17 November .

It is “one of the most important meetings in Europe on data analytics, artificial intelligence, digital transformation and cloud “, in the words of their organizations, which this year have managed to bring together experts from companies such as Amazon Web Services, Facebook, Google , LinkedIn or Uber as speakers.

Big Data Spain is for Óscar Méndez, president of Paradigma Digital, the company behind the event, “a professional forum that discusses the disruptive technologies that CEOs and CIOs of the most important companies in the world are thinking about right now. world. The transformative power of Big Data, “says Mendez,” is only comparable to that of Artificial Intelligence , although they are complementary and simultaneous technologies in many cases: if the term Big Data appears in the description of more than 5,600 startups in the database of Crunchbase, Artificial Intelligence already does it in 5,200 companies, while the terms Blockchain or Bitcoin only appear in 1,700 startups . ”

Big Data Spain 2017 will show precisely how artificial intelligence is being applied in different sectors, such as banking, consulting, telecommunications, education or the media.

Other issues to be addressed are data analytics, predictive analysis, fraud investigation or the application of automatic learning.

This year there will be a full day for training workshops on different data technologies, artificial intelligence and the cloud. It will be November 15 and groups of 25 students will be formed at most per course.