Cryptomoneda has reached more than 100,000 million dollars in its market capitalization.

New historic maximum for bitcoin . The Cryptomoneda has surpassed the $ 6,000 in its quotation on Friday , staying during the day of Saturday above this amount until touching a maximum of 6,148.82 dollars around three in the afternoon. On Sunday it has oscillated between 5,730 and 6,000 dollars, although according to the data of the portal Coindesk , has only exceeded this limit in a couple of occasions.

Bitcoin has started the week around this amount, moving in the early hours of Monday between 5,860 and 6,050 dollars. At mid-morning it stands at around $ 5,900, with a market capitalization of $ 98.2 billion. Throughout the weekend, the Cryptomoneda reached its total volume in the market in the 100,000 million dollars, explains the agency Reuters .

So far this year, bitcoin has grown close to 500% , but continues to show signs of high volatility. The first day of the year closed at $ 997.69, and in the first five months rose about $ 400. As of May, it shoots up, surpassing by the end of the month the $ 2,000 and just three weeks later, the 3,000.

After a spate of ups and downs, in mid-August it is over $ 4,000. Since then it has had frequent ups and downs, dropping to $ 3,200 to beat on October 12 the next milestone, $ 5,000.

In recent times, there has been a growing trend among regulatory agencies and international organizations regarding electronic currencies, especially as regards their use as a form of financing through ICOs or initial offers in crypto-coins . China, South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom or the BIS have warned against its use or, directly, have banned it.