The virtual currency accumulates a growth of more than 500% this year.

No doubt the people who invested in Bitcoin a few years ago can be considered lucky, as the popular virtual currency has just reached its all-time high this afternoon, reaching a price of 6003.81 dollars , CoinDesk reports .

The truth is that despite the regulatory problems and uncertainty surrounding the cryptonnet in markets such as China and Russia, investors are relying on it and its price is experiencing a high rise in recent days.

The new record reached today by Bitcoin is equivalent to an increase of more than 300 dollars in just one day, a rise of more than 100% compared to the 2,900 dollars that marked the currency on September 15, and a spectacular advance of more than 500% so far this year .

On the other hand, it should be noted that Bitcoin’s market capitalization stands at around 99.5 billion dollars , a figure higher than that registered by many technology companies.