After losing about $ 7,000 in just five days, it has risen more than $ 3,500 since Sunday, and remains above 16,000.

2017 will be remembered as the year of the great boom of cryptocurrencies , especially bitcoin , which began in January, touching the 1,000 dollars and ending it, at least four days before the end of the year, close to 16,000. However, this success leads couples alerts about the volatility of their quotation, capable of spectacular growth but also of powerful falls.

Last week there was one of these moments, to those who follow closely the news about virtual currencies and are beginning to get used to it. On Sunday the 17th bitcoin was approaching $ 20,000, in a new record that stood at $ 19,694 . This was the zenith, after which it only lasted two days over 18,000.

From Tuesday 19 to Friday 22, the bitcoin began a fall sharply which led him to lose more than 30% of its value, nearly $ 6,000, reaching a low of $ 12,148 . As important as this decline has been, it is very indicative of the process that the cryptocurrency had managed to surpass this amount for the first time in the history of its quotation in the first week of December , nor 20 days before returning to be placed in that margin.

And as a new example of the volatility that characterizes him, the following weekend was a period of change, which led him to earn $ 3,000 and lose another 2,000 in just 48 hours. Since Sunday, bitcoin has managed to recover, staying around 15,500 – 16,000 dollars on Wednesday morning, according to data from the Coindesk specialized portal .

This new fluctuation has reaffirmed those who doubt the reliability and the real value of this and other cryptocurrencies. Bloomberg collects the opinion of different analysts who explain the difficulties of knowing or predicting its ultimate value.