top 100 crypto currencies

Meanwhile, Ethereum continues to rise and today took second place in the ranking of the cryptocurrencies that Ripple had snatched from him before  .

The way in which the world of cryptocurrencies moves remains an uncertainty for the vast majority. While it is known that the news and decisions of countries affect the prices of digital currencies, undoubtedly the biggest factor is the manipulation that some exchanges make of the market.

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At the moment, South Korea is becoming one of the countries where “play” more with prices, are usually higher, as we will see with examples below. It is clear what is happening in that country (and therefore affects prices in general): Investors are getting ahead of the government measure that will end the anonymous exchange on the coming January 20 , so they are able to make transactions even when the price is higher. In fact, they have no choice but to do so if they want to invest.

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But let’s analyze the behavior of cryptocurrencies:

First BitcoinThe day before yesterday it had gone up in price on the USD $ 17,000 , which had encouraged many investors. But today he fell back. When it is 7:30 am New York time, it has a price of USD $ 15,646.30, 7.70% less than yesterday at the same time. The largest volume of transactions being done right now in exchange Binance through exchange between bitcoins ,  trones and  etheres.  In the exchanges of South Korea, although the transactions to buy bitcoins they are smaller with the local currency, exchanges are being made at a unit value of USD $ 22,832, about 7,000 dollars over the rest of the world.

More falls 

Another important currency that has fallen today is Ripple, which fell 21.28% and is at USD $ 2.57. The largest volume of transactions is carried out in South Korea, through the Bithumb and Coinone exchanges . However, the prices are very different in relation to the rest of the exchanges: in these the currency is quoted in USD $ 3.84, while in the rest of the world it is around USD $ 2.50. The price drop reduced its capitalization market to USD $ 99 billion, so it lost the second place in the cryptocurrency ranking.

Other cryptocurrencies in low are Bitcoin Cash in 17.55%; Cardano in 7.61%, NEM in 4.55%, Litecoin in 12.38%, Stellar in 5.45%, Dash in 16.96% and Monero in 18.44%.

In fact, of the top 100 cryptocurrencies, 71 are down and only 29 on the rise today.

Head up

In the midst of this red panorama, Ethereum maintains the gallantry, with an increase of 2.71%. Now its price is USD $ 1,155.83 and there have been operations for more than USD $ 7.2 billion in the last 24 hours. The largest number of exchanges is taking place through the Binance and OKEx exchanges , precisely between bitcoins and etheres . In the South Korean exchange Bithumb at this time the currency is quoted at USD $ 1,750, 600 dollars above the world average.