Bitmain has introduced a new ASIC-miner on the Blake (2b) algorithm for SiaCoin extraction, which can now be ordered on their official website. The dispatch is carried out 10 days after the payment of the order, which indicates the complete readiness of the company to produce the asics on the new algorithm.At the end of last summer, pre-order for Obelisk SC1 miners from SiaTech was opened, which will go on sale only in the spring, and those who pre-ordered the first announced ASIC device for Sia crypto currency will no longer receive that promised profit, but they have a great chance already now diversify their collection of asses for Sia.

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BitMain Antminer A3 Specification:

  • Product Model: A3
  • Chip: BM1720
  • Hashing algorithm: Blake 2b
  • Total number of chips: 180
  • Total number of blades: 3 boards
  • Total speed: 815 GHS ± 5%
  • The input voltage of a direct current: 11.60 ~ 13.00 V
  • Constant power 12 V DC: 1186 W + 7%
  • 220 VAC efficiency at 25 ℃, conversion efficiency of 93% APW3
  • Weight (without package): 4.2 kg
  • Operating temperature: 0-40 ℃
  • Storage temperature: -40-85 ℃
  • Noise: 76 dB
  • Network: Ethernet
  • Size (length * Width * Height, without package): 321 mm * 125 mm * 208 mm

situation in a few weeks – how much profit will change, after the inclusion of the miners in the network.Let’s hope that things will not be as deplorable as with D3 devices.

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DragonMint B52 Blake2b Miner

The events around the industrial mining SiaCoin (SC) seem to be gaining momentum recently when the sale of the new BitMain Antminer A3 Blake (2b) ASIC was announced, new information from another ASIC manufacturer for the Blake2b algorithm appeared. The device DragonMint B52 Blake2b ASIC was announced in Hong Kong, a newcomer to the ASIC market, which looks promising, but the delivery has not yet started, to say more specifically.

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The device that they announced could supposedly give out about 3.5 THS Blake2b at 1000W – / + 8% with 135 chips, which makes it probably the most effective miner for SiaCoin (SC) if they manage to ensure what they promise, of course. At the moment, you can join the waiting list for the pre-order of this device, this will allow you to timely find out the latest news about the start of sales, delivery and other important information related to this device.

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