With the change from on-premise environments to multi-cloud environments, companies face challenges in security, cost, compliance and government regulations.

What does BMC do ? It helps to discover and manage computing resources , to analyze and automate workloads, to optimize and reduce the inherent costs of infrastructure, to integrate and enhance the work of devops and secops equipment, to provide cutting-edge tools based on open standards and , as a novelty, offer capabilities in artificial intelligence and machine learning throughout all its functionalities.

“Network visibility and extreme performance”, qualified Peter Leav, president and CEO of the company from Tejano, who came to the event in Madrid, intrigued by the success of the last edition and to see in person the fame that the Spaniards have won inside. of BMC. “We are the best alternative for companies that have chosen multinube as the basis of their business.”


And, as demonstrated before the more than 600 attendees at BMC Day 2017, the senior engineers of Soluciones Rubén García and José Luis Rubio in their scalextric car race, a moment in the middleware is full of events (tickets and requests, calls REST / API, alarms, microservices …). “Plan to have everything under control, establish security policies, react to changing or unforeseen conditions … Tools like Control-M, TrueSight or Remedy Smart IT not only help to act on events in our infrastructures with all their machine learning and intelligence algorithms artificial, also on the experience perceived by our users through the analysis of sentiment, through social networks, adding information to the system and improving it “.

Pedro Elorriaga, Indra ITOM International Director of Tools, offered his point of view on the boom and increasing importance of the management of operations. “All companies are technology companies at the end, like it or not, although some do not yet know it. Even those who make shoes or hamburgers can end up selling data: where you stop, when you enter, who you are going with … Digitization is penetrating the ITOM world, of the ten trends on the CIO agenda for 2017, four were pure ITOM: apply intelligence artificial and machine learning, systems that speak, intelligent applications and digital platforms. But the reality is that we are still dealing with legacy, and this layer of the core does not move at the same pace as the digital layer offered to customers, it’s like wanting to have a Ferrari for 40,000 euros and at the end you have mounted it on a Toyota chassis “, Added the Indra executive.80% of the digital services are tied to a mainframe , an obsolete structure is maintained trying to simulate with sheet and paint for communications with our clients, but we do not have the “devops” part.

The problem is that companies that already have an important size that come from the analog world have not had the opportunity to start the whole digitization process at the same time, they have been growing and patching, creating a great dependence on the legacy, and with large needs to ensure safety at each point. The intermediate systems with the user (employees, suppliers or customers) are already digital, with a lot of APIs interacting with 40 different systems, but there is another thing that has also changed: “nobody can stand waiting for two hours on the phone Pass five times by different people to repeatedly tell the same story. You have to have an agile platform and consider if throwing everything will have a lower cost and a greater benefit than to continue with patches.traditional companies are losing45% of revenues and 24% of the profits for each millennial client, while the ‘digital masters’(Nike, Starbucks …) have increased their income by 9% and their profits by 26%, according to it was said at the BMC event in New York, “concludes Elorriaga.


That agility must be native and widespread throughout the company. The BMC tools are focused on these tasks, which in its new version of Control-M includes improved Managed File Transfer with user suggestions: a single centralized point and no need to go machine to machine, automatic deployment in agents, monitor even at file level from the same interface … Highlights the self-service capacity, which reduces the number of tickets and calls to Operations. Coming soon to have refresh buttons for improved search, the ability to access multiple destinations and compatibility with AWS S3.

A new Automation API has also been added to create jobs as JSON code and to be able to automate the life cycle of the job with a REST service. Companies that operate in continuous delivery mode every one or two weeks are launching a change in the API or improving functionality in Production, and Control-M v9 now provides a free testing environment that includes sandbox and workbench in virtual machines without consuming licenses.

“It’s useless to have a devops scheme to throw code in hours or even minutes, if then it is stopped days or weeks in the deploy. So, how much can you run if you do not have an integrated flow? “, Says Fabio Leotta, BMC presales chief consultant . “The issue of speed is important, but setting realistic goals. You can not compromise the quality of the final result by going faster, or lose the time gained in an apartment if you do not keep pace with the rest. ”


BMC presented the new Blade Logic solution for the full stack of tools and get to where SecOps Policy Service did not arrive (“we have new objects, Amazon Lambda from S3, EC2 containers, CloudTrail”, says Leotta), now in a SaaS model that works with multiple connectors for OpenStack and OpenShift, Jenkins and Ansible, GitHub or Docker, which allows to expand the number of automated scans. On the other hand, SecOps Response Service , which last year was introduced as an on-premise novelty, is now ready as a service in the cloud, “and what was once a report is now a complete scorecard where you can enrich events and resolve incidents with one click, “he concludes.

It was also announced that v10 of Control-M will be available at the beginning of 2018with new functionalities and services, as it will no longer be installed as before the old database had to be downloaded in the new one, only a faster and simpler upgrade. From now BMC is committed to release an annual version and including two maintenance service packs, and will bring as standard modules until now not included and increasingly (Hadoop, SAP, Oracle, Informatica …). The graphic interface for multiscreen will be unified through HTML5, and there will be a new one for the web made from scratch, alternative to the console for automatic conversion from other job managers in the market (CA Jobtrac, IBM Tivoli, Cisco Tidal, Zena ASG, Redwood Cronacle, Cron, MS Task Scheduler, Oozie for Hadoop, SAP and more), and if it is not possible to do it “by hand”. “The same for the new reporting tool made from scratch,David Fernández, chief engineer of Soluciones de BMC . “On the other hand, the AWS marketplace already gives you a total control panel and Azure also at the agent level, and predictive job analytics will be available in the near future.”

Iberians around the world

With the boom of digital transformation and the paradigm of putting the customer at the center, companies are being forced to undertake a new strategy. The same thing has happened to BMC Ibérica with its regional event, which has become the largest on this side of the Atlantic, and still looking for ways to go further than last year. “You play it to a letter, of those who attended last year 90% had returned to sign up, this shows great loyalty,” Francisco Trillo told us , CEO of BMC for Spain, Portugal and Africa. “In these times, after having a bad experience, it’s easier to leave and more complicated to come back. If the app does not shoot, in 30 seconds you pass to another, and that translates to everything: consumption, business, employment … even events of this type. That is why it is essential to have the complicity of our clients, and the best indicator for the audience is that they talk about their experiences and use cases, it will always be more credible and elegant. ”

Nobody questions the dilemma of innovating or dying. Spanish managers are even more aware of the importance of digital transformation than their European counterparts, 91% compared to less than 80% in French, English or German. However, in investment, the figures say otherwise, in Europe they are in another phase of project execution, while here it seems that they still dream of them. “I need to keep innovation so I do not die and have a Kodak or Nokia moment, but how do I make it happen?” Trillo asks rhetorically. “Because innovation does not only serve innovation. A total of 5,000 start-ups emerge every day in the field of technology, but only two or three end up being viable. We have about 500 patents in the market, that means we have a certain relative weight in our R & D, undoubtedly the highest in the last three years “.

With a presence in 80% of the Ibex35 companies and in the largest public administrations, the target audience is increasingly broad, although it must have some experience in the management of complex IT process environments. “The reason is simple: it is not because the investment in core business is reduced (which is still around 70% of the general IT budget of the companies), but because there is a lot of growth dedicated to the multicloud transition or extended cloud (up to the 27th%); we trust that by 2020 it will be 50/50. For this we rely on some clues, for example, it is enough for an Ibex35 company to bring a new product to the market so that the competition tries to imitate it in the shortest possible time. And it is enough that it goes from B2B to B2C and launches to sell data to create an earthquake. That’s possible thanks to the incremental innovation: since I have this platform mounted, creating an additional business costs me less. ”

All this demands a huge cultural change. It’s not about buying an app and that’s it, or because you have a scrum master mentality, everything is done. Obviously inefficient manual processes must be replaced by regulated automations that give meaning to the flow of data. “But they are buying things and someone gets the RGPD and there comes a time when you start to see the ears of the wolf and want to know where the data is and where it travels and who arrives and who has access … Last week Cloud was announced Cost Control , a tool to measure spending in the cloud. During these years we have insisted on saying that the cloud was going to help to spend less and save more, but the truth is that the use of virtualized machines in the public cloud is not necessarily cheaper; the key is elasticity, if you are able to raise and lower the power dynamically, “says the Spanish country manager. “But not all loads are likely to have to be moved up or down, some may have more sense to stay in the periphery, just having everything ordered and measured you can tell if you’re going to save or if it’s worth the expense, becoming the company more aware of its services, more secure and transparent in terms of costs. We have the reference of a European utillity that has managed to save 11 million euros only in pure subscription costs of servers “.

The Spanish commercial office has been growing and acquiring new responsibilities. In exchange for the corporate services offered from the European headquarters, from Spain, the entire back office of Southern Europe, Africa and the Middle East is managed, as well as technical support to national clients. Marcos Delgado, country manager last year, was promoted to vice president of EMEA; in California there is a team of “Iberians around the world” focused on the development of Remedy, “putting on value being Spanish; maybe for being a little dreamers or having a lot of imagination, the truth is that we are a very excited and motivated group “, says Trillo. “It seems like a basic thing, but then it’s not so easy to find it out there, that talent and creativity come out. In addition, less and less language is a barrier.once a quarter we usually spend three days dedicated to thinking , surrounded by blank pages, sometimes in the office, sometimes we go to a coworking or the field. ”

Is this the recipe that explains the growth at a rate of 18% per year during the last three years? The truth is that the weight of local operations is greater, 30-40%, which shows that the Spanish-Latin American connection works better than that of Spain-Persian Gulf. “Typically, the SaaS business grows by subscription two or three times faster than the sale of on-premise licenses, which continue to increase as well. But without a doubt, the dominant factor is that the cloud allows the use of these solutions to be democratized, it is enough to connect and consume on demand “.