The new PCMS platform allows companies to access, purchase and bring their own digital services to the market within 12 weeks.

Telecommunications provider BT has announced a new cloud-based “business-platform-as-a-service” offer aimed at reducing the time companies need to market with digitized services.

The platform uses BT’s Cloud Cloud solution that connects customers with cloud collaboration applications , security services, third-party data centers, customer data centers, and third-party cloud services such as Cisco, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, HPE, Salesforce, Equinix, Google and IBM Softlayer.

BT has explained that the new platform, called BT Personalized Compute Management System (PCMS), allows customers to access, buy and bring their own digital services to the market within 12 weeks.

“Users will have access to business support processes and functions already prepared to enable them to sell, fulfill and monetize their own portfolio of digital services,” said the company.

The platform currently has more than 45 digital business support processes, including customer management, product management, user authentication, order management, and billing solutions.

PCMS contains a global catalog of services with localized sales channels, allowing customers to “shop online in their own currency, set contract terms, tax laws and language,” BT has described.

The platform will be available globally in the last quarter of 2017 and has been developed with BearingPoint, a management and technology consulting firm.