Gartner warns that “most calamitous warnings about job losses confuse artificial intelligence with automation.”

Artificial intelligence will be beneficial for the labor market, according to Gartner .

This consultancy aims for 2020 as a key year since, by then, artificial intelligence should be creating more jobs than it will eliminate . In particular, it is estimated that it will create 2.3 million jobs and destroy about 1.8 million.

In any case, the influence of this phenomenon will depend on the industry. For example, until 2019, manufacturing is expected to be more affected. Meanwhile, health care, the public sector and education will experience an increase in demand.

Later, in 2021, it seems that with artificial intelligence it will end up generating a commercial value close to 3 billion dollars, in addition to the recovery of 6,200 million hours of productivity.

“Many significant innovations in the past have been associated with a transition period of temporary job loss, followed by recovery” , says Svetlana Sicular, research vice president at Gartner, who believes that in the case of artificial intelligence will be the same.

Sicular indicates that artificial intelligence “will improve the productivity of many jobs, eliminating millions of intermediate and low-level positions, but also creating millions of new positions of high qualification, management and even variety of entry level and low qualification.”

“Unfortunately,” he adds, “most calamitous warnings about job losses confuse artificial intelligence with automation,” obviating “the greatest benefit of artificial intelligence,” which would be “a combination of human and artificial intelligence, where both complement each other .