The artificial intelligence research firm will offer companies like Cloudera information on how to apply automatic learning and AI to their business.

Due to second quarter earnings, the Palo Alto company has decided to acquire Fast Forward Labs, a company that specializes in consulting with large companies on emerging trends in machine learning that can help their business grow.

“Machine learning requires data, algorithms (our expertise), and infrastructure to work in harmony,” said Fast Forward CEO and co-founder Hilary Mason on his blog. ” ” We are delighted to join forces with a company that drives progress in the fundamental technologieson which our work is based. By joining Cloudera, we can bring the opportunities discovered in our research to life in new ways, at the scale of platform Cloudera “..

Cloudera has to show companies that they can build a better product than they might be able to deploy, or simply make it much easier to implement by paying the company for what it is another thing that companies do not have to worry.

The company was one of the large groups of companies that became public in the first part of the year after Snap opened the so-called IPO window. Since then, a significant portion of those companies have had some problems – with Blue Apron and Snap seeing massive declines in their stock.