The company’s team has already integrated into Cloudera, which has launched a service based on its technology.

The company Cloudera has taken advantage of the presentation of its quarterly accounts to make an announcement. The developer of a data management and analytics platform based on Apache Hadoop has expanded its portfolio in artificial intelligence with the acquisition of Fast Forward Labs , a startup specialized in machine learning and research and development in applied AI.

The Fast Forward Labs team, headed by co-founder and CEO Hilary Mason, will join Cloudera in an operation the company hopes to deepen in the application of auto-learning technology to business problems.

Mason, who will become the vice president of research for Cloudera , has shared also the merger news on the startup website, where she has been “delighted to join forces with a company that leads the way in which underlies our work. ” “By joining Cloudera,” he emphasized, “we will be able to bring to life in new ways the opportunities discovered in our research, on the scale of the Cloudera platform.”

Also from Cloudera they emphasize several elements of the work of Fast Forward Labs, like its continuous evaluation of the academic and industrial investigations of new techniques to face situations in corporative environments, constructing code and developing its ability in the field through the generation of code and the application of the techniques learned.

The merger will not lead to significant changes for startup customers. Cloudera will benefit from the launch of Cloudera Fast Forward Labs , a service already available through subscription that provides processable information on machine learning , with a view to being useful in the medium-long term, in the next 6 to 24 months.