Japanese exchange Coincheck announced that it will resume the withdrawal of the funds from its platform next Tuesday.

The company, which  suffered as a result of the hacker attack in January , writes:

“At present, the assets of our clients in the Japanese yen are under reliable management on their accounts. Based on this fact, we will resume the service related to the withdrawal of funds, on February 13 “.

Thus, users of the Japanese stock exchange, who did not have the opportunity to access their funds after hacking, finally be able to withdraw them.

The Coincheck exchange reported on hacking at a press conference on January 26, according to which it became known that about 500 million NEM tokens ($ 533 million at the time of the hacking) were stolen from the trading site purse.

The company  promised to repair losses of the  affected users from its own funds, and the Japanese regulators in turn  decided to conduct a preventive check of  all exchanges operating in the territory of the state.

The authorities said that the neglect of risks was normalized at the Coincheck exchange, which was the reason for the hacking, and demanded that the exchange report on the incident.

Recently it became known that hackers tried to enclose the NEM tokens stolen from Coincheck in one of the Philippine ICOs.