COMMON MS , a provider of software solutions for IT management and consulting, has conducted a study, after almost a month of the entry into force of the new Model SII , (Immediate Supply of Information), launched by the Tax Agency , to know both the level of effectiveness of its solution, E-document, and the possible incidences registered among its clients in the migration process.

Currently, and according to Álvaro Iñiguez, Partner Consultant of COMMON MSMS ” all of our clients have adapted their systems to the new requirements of the SII and 99% of the migrations, has been done without any incidence, which is a high level in the optimization of the processes and in the effectiveness of the solution “.

Strategic Sectors

Among the sectors that have been most active in this change are the Health, Media, Energy, Construction, Industry and Education sectors and, in terms of companies, most of them exceed 200 employees . idea of ​​the importance that for the companies is having this adaptation.

With regard to the number of invoices that the main client companies of COMMON MS process per day, they exceed 40,000.

” In general all our clients have adapted quickly to the new obligations of the SII , which was published in the BOE of December 6, 2016, so they have had something more than 6 months to adapt. Some companies have acted very diligently from the beginning and have come prepared for change. They have reviewed the VAT treatment of their operations, the formal requirements of their invoices and the processes of issuing them, “says Álvaro Iñiguez of COMMON MS.

The Model SII, (Immediate Provision of Information), aims to speed up VAT refunds, provide the taxpayer with the necessary tax information to make their declaration and practice the verification actions in a more agile and effective way. All this thanks to the real-time knowledge that the Tax Agency will have, through its Electronic Office, of the commercial transactions in which the companies participate.

Standardized solution

COMMON MS uses, to help its clients to comply with local regulations in different countries, E-document that facilitates the preparation of electronic documents for submission to the public administration or Tax Agency, in the formats required by the authorities , through a globally harmonized and standardized architecture, using the same cockpit and look & feel for different scenarios and countries.

COMMON MS offers the complete solution integrated with E-document and a cockpit for monitoring and sending invoices containing the necessary functionality to map the information and send it in the official Treasury XML format.