The agreement specifies the hiring by Google of nearly 2,000 HTC employees, many of whom were already working on Pixel smartphones.

The Taiwanese HTC finally got the much needed cash injection that had been a good looking season. After months of rumors about whether to split the business of Vive or sell part or all of the company, has finally opted for an intermediate formula. HTC has signed a deal with Google of $ 1.1 billion , according to which the giant will hire part of the smartphone maker’s workforce .

These are mostly employees who are currently working with Google on the development of the phones of the Mountain View, the Pixel. In total, about 2,000 employees of the Taiwanese company will receive offers to move house. This means, according to TechCrunch , almost 20% of the global workforce of HTC.

In addition to this agreement, which in practice involves the sale of part of the talent of the mobile business from HTC to Google , the companies have signed that the latter will have a non-exclusive license on the intellectual property of HTC.

According to HTC, this agreement marks the strategic relationship of nearly a decade that the two companies maintain in the development of smartphones. It does not imply, for the moment, that the company based in Taiwan no longer manufacture their own phones, but from HTC indicate that their team of engineers is already working on the next device head.

The implications for the virtual reality business have not been broken down into clarity, although the intention is to enhance the growth of the VIVE part , in addition to investing in other new generation technologies.

For the giant of Mountain View, the hiring of part of the team of engineers of HTC supposes an important support to its division of hardware, in addition to a reinforcement of its presence in the Asian continent. The latter implies that the hiring of employees will not mean their displacement from Taiwan.

The operation will close at the beginning of next year.