The company could seek to monetize the messaging platform by charging for big business to interact with users.

The possibility that WhatsApp was developing a special option for companies has been on the table for quite some time. Speculation seemed to take shape last week, when through an epigraph in the FAQ section, the messaging platform revealed that it was being tested with verified accounts for certain businesses, which would appear with a special badge.

The company has confirmed that it works in this tool, called WhatsApp Business, through an entry of the corporate blog, in which they explain that in the next months they will test new functions both to facilitate the communication to the entrepreneurs and so that the users know that they are actually talking to the business in question.

“We are developing and testing new tools through the free WhatsApp Business application for small businesses or businesses and a business solution for larger companies that operate on a large scale with a global customer base such as airlines, e-commerce companies and banks” , explain, emphasizing that they are in ” test phase “. This will serve both as a massive messaging tool and as a personalized communication channel.

The launch of a WhatsApp for companies opens a way through which, as has been speculated on several times, the company’s mother of the application, Facebook, could take advantage to monetize the popular messaging service. According to Business Insider , the company would have already decided the option to charge businesses that want to provide support to their customers through the communication platform.

Specifically, the medium says, it would be the big companies that want to be part of this new program, which prepares a business solution, which will have to pay for WhatsApp to detect them as verified, and can access a series of automated tools . The version for small businesses would be free.