I would also highlight the increase in productivity that is achieved for developers and programmers.

study by SUSE among IT professionals reveals that the growth of cloud technologies is continuous, with many organizations adopting cloud-first and cloud-only strategies .

66% of these professionals expect growth to continue for the hybrid cloud. And 55% say the same for the private cloud. And is that hybrid and private models are preferred for critical workloads. Nearly 9 out of 10 respondents would like to go from developing in public cloud to producing in private cloud.

Regarding the causes of cloud growth, more than 60% point to the reduction of costs as the main reason for the adoption . It is closely followed by improved productivity among developers and programmers (59%), the consolidation of data centers (58%) and greater agility and general innovation (57%).

Of course, approximately three quarters of the companies are concerned about the deficit of talent and skills .