A significant percentage of companies are witnessing this evolution, but very few of them have an established strategy in this regard.

Every day new companies and suppliers try to get a bigger share of the Internet of Things (IoT) market, with the development of new technologies, devices and communication protocols. However, ABI Research believes the IoT is evolving at such a rapid rate that its future will bring a new spectrum of data analysis services. And this, in the company’s view, will not only transform the IoT landscape, but will also change the focus of how companies operate in the coming years, emphasizing the importance of data exchange services.

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According to ABI Research analysts, a significant percentage of companies are witnessing this change, but very few of them have an established strategy. Even major suppliers are aware that they have in their hands a wealth of customer data and machines, but are not able to monetize them to their full potential.

“Sharing, exchanging and selling data will not be just additional aspects of the IoT environment. These services are really the next evolutionary step, “says Dimitrios Pavlakis, an analyst at the company, who adds:” From the creation of innovative application management platforms and management services to artificial intelligence and artificial vision applications, we will experience the transformation of government data and the exchange of services between all interconnected sectors. ”

In this regard, according to the consultancy, some industry leaders are taking active steps to address this. One is Gemalto’s IoT platform, which enables OEMs and cloud service providers to implement flexible monetization models. Ericsson is also at the forefront of IoT monetization, addressing connectivity, data management and analysis; while the Bosch platform embraces open applications and open standards with cloud services and IoT projects.


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