Deep Learning will improve the field of business predictions

Experts from the firm Gartner have contributed their vision on the field of Deep Learning.

According to data presented by Gartner experts , by 2019 Deep Learning will be essential in companies when making predictions about demand, fraud and failures in services and products.

Alexander Linden, VP Research at Gartner, notes that “Deep Learning allows you to expand Machine Learning, and helps you solve complex, data-rich problems . 

They advise that it can improve early diagnosis of illness, help increase blind people’s sight, control autonomous cars and recognize and understand a person’s speeches.

Gartner analysts point out that more and more Deep Learning is used to predict demand, determine deficiencies in service and quality of a product , detect new types of fraud, analyze data streaming in motion …

The problem with all these advances is that knowledge, infrastructure and investments are needed to take advantage of them.

In that sense, they point out that most organizations do not possess the necessary knowledge in data science for the field of Deep Learning.

Linden notes that “in this scenario IT leaders will seek the hiring of Data Scientists , as they will be able to extract knowledge from a wide range of data and solve problems in that field.”

Of course, the executive regrets that although Machine Learning can make the best possible decision if it has sufficient data in its analysis, it is not able to judge whether the decisions resulting from that analysis are ethically acceptable “.