Several YouTube Red users have started complaining that the platform now shows ads, on the home page and under certain videos.

The YouTube Red payment service was born, among other advantages, with the promise of not displaying ads. But several users of the platform have begun to complain that it now shows ads, both on the homepage and under certain videos.

A user who went to Google, owner of the service, to express their dissatisfaction with the fact shared the following response on Reddit: “Thanks for contacting YouTube. I can definitely understand your concern, since YouTube Network membership promises an ad-free YouTube experience. I will clarify this for you. ”

It should be noted that according to affected users, these ads are only displayed in a limited time . Some could not play the ad from the selected video. However, others have reported the presence of pre-roll announcements – which are broadcast prior to the commencement of the content – on YouTube Network, contrary to what promises the terms of service, reports TNW .

The platform notes that with “YouTube Red you should not see ads (…) before and during a video, as well as banner ads, search ads and video overlay ads.” But at no point does the possibility of so-called “print ads” appear under the videos.

To be fair, the ads in question seem rather understated. Although this breach of YouTube Network conditions is less surprising , given Google’s intentions to build its own Chrome ad blocker and reduce exposure to unwanted advertising.