The Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda has announced a package of measures to promote the development of 5G technology in Spain . Among them is the call for public aid to encourage the implementation of pilot projects and innovative technological solutions based on 5G.

In addition, at the beginning of next year, the first frequency bands identified for 5G , 3.6 GHz (3,600 MHz-3,800 MHz) and 1.5 GHz (1,452-1,492 MHz) will be auctioned, with the objective of that operators can begin to carry out the first innovative projects of 5G.

Both measures are derived from the National 5G Plan, which has been published by the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda, and which is the roadmap to place Spain among the most advanced countries in the development of this new technology .

For the Ministry, 5G technology is the cornerstone of digital transformation and “it is estimated that its introduction in the sectors of the automotive, health, transport and public services in Spain have an economic impact of up to 14,600 million euros before 2025. ”

The implementation of the 5G technology is also planned to facilitate the provision of services that require high bandwidth in mobility and give a boost to the Internet of Things applications, such as the connected car, intelligent transport or the digitalisation of the rural environment .

5G is expected to drive Internet of Things applications

The National 5G Plan, which is based on the contributions and results of the public consultation held last July, is fully compatible with the European Union roadmap for the deployment of the new generation of telecommunications networks and services wireless

With the publication of this document, we want to meet the objective set by the European Union to develop national plans for the deployment of 5G before the end of 2017.