Top executives cite security, training, digital experience and infrastructure as key challenges.

A global study jointly prepared by British Telecom (BT) and The Economist Intelligent Unit (EIU) has investigated the importance of digital transformation in the large account.

For four out of ten CEO digital transformation is the top priority ; 25% of them personally lead initiatives related to the issue. The main reason for this involvement is the value they give to digital transformation projects.

Seventy-five percent of respondents believe that they will help in increasing operational efficiency, improving customer service and future innovation.

One of the main obstacles to implementing innovative projects has to do with infrastructure. The study cites the inflexibility of technology (43%), lack of technological skills (40%) and security concerns (39%). Senior executives are looking for security, profitability, reliability and integration capabilities.

Another barrier to considering a digital strategy is security. The issue is more concerned with managers working on verticals that handle critical information, such as financial institutions.

The CEOs of the companies surveyed also admit that the provision of an optimal digital experience and the training and retention of talent in their ranks are another of the main challenges to be faced.

About the trends that will have the greatest impact on your business and therefore those who will bet on their strategies on digitization are IoT, Cloud, Mobility and Social networks.