The Nuance Artificial Intelligence solution allows you to access the connected functions of the vehicle through the voice.

Nuance has just unveiled that its platform for connected cars Dragon Drive will be present in all the conversational and connected services of the new Audi A8 .

Dragon Drive employs cloud-based voice recognition, natural language comprehension and text-to-speech (TTS) to provide vehicles with a conversational assistant with ability to listen, understand and respond to drivers.

Thanks to this platform, users will have access to all connected services such as meteorological information, points of interest and addresses, parking, gas stations, calendars or notes.

On the other hand, it also provides access to services already integrated in the car such as music, navigation system or air conditioning.

In addition, thanks to improved signal for automobiles, acoustic innovations combined with hybrid solutions for voice recognition integrated into the cloud, natural language compression and text-to-speech system, the solution can interact optimally with drivers .

Finally, note that at present Dragon Drive offers service to more than 180 million cars through more than 40 different languages , creating conversational experiences for manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Ford, GM and many others.