EasyVista  announces the upcoming acquisition of Knowesia , a well-known self-service and guided support company based in France, operations in the United States and customers around the world. The acquisition supports EasyVista’s innovation strategy to deliver state-of-the-art corporate self-service , integrating intelligent self-help capabilities with EasyVista’s proven ITSM 2.0 platform. The acquisition will reinforce the strategy of offering intelligent, non-coded knowledge processes integrating virtual assistants or chatbots to enhance the self-help experience.

” With Wireless Analytics, we are faced with the daily challenge of delivering mobile management services to a global user community, ” says Jonathan Steele, director of technology for Wireless Analytics. ” With the help of EasyVista and Knowesia we can simplify this complexity and provide a seamless self-service experience to meet the demands of the mobile workforce , regardless of location, service provider or device platform . ”

” Knowledge management is vital for any company that wants to use artificial intelligence algorithms that drive the next generation of self – service , ” said Sylvain Gauthier, co-founder and CEO EasyVista . ” This acquisition allows us to better integrate ITSM 2.0 EasyVista Knowesia platform with innovative Knowledge Management solution, creating a unique self – help experience for our customers and their end users. Our goal is to help customers dramatically reduce Tier 1 applications, offering employees and IT staff experience intuitive and intelligent self. IT has evolved beyond desktops, laptops and tablets and is being asked to support everything that connects to the network – making intelligent knowledge trees critical to supporting the digital enterprise . ”

Knowesia is known for its innovative approach to modeling knowledge and procedures in decision trees. At the end of the modeling process, Knowesia instantly and automatically converts models into dynamic and interactive web applications.
” We have worked hard to make Knowesia an easy-to-use solution for employees by enabling autonomous and intelligent management of services and support issues, ” says Thibault de Clisson, CEO of Knowesia. ” We are excited to join EasyVista, given the synergies of our technology offerings and our shared strategic approach to a better self-help experience for employees, while reducing IT costs .”

Knowesia developed its innovative technology with the support of the National Agency for the Evaluation of Research in France (ANVAR). In addition, it has been named “Cool Vendor” by Gartner and has received a FinTech Award.