The benefits associated with the hardware of buildings energy management systems, the reduction of the amortization period and the automatic control of the functions of the buildings will stimulate this market.

The growing demand for reduced energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, together with concerns about climate change and the proliferation of IoT devices and systems, will be one of the factors driving overall market growth in this area. industry. So much so that Research and Markets predicts that the sector of energy management systems for buildings worldwide reach 9.2 billion dollars in 2023.

According to the study presented by the company, the benefits associated with the hardware of buildings energy management systems, such as reducing energy consumption of them by 20-30%, decreasing the amortization period and automatic control of functions of the buildings, will also promote the market during the forecast period. Building management software uses browser interfaces to provide a dynamic view of energy consumption, in order to improve its management and use. In addition, access to these consumer data opens up new opportunities for homeowners to improve the performance of their systems, reduce costs and validate investments.

On the other hand, the Research and Markets study confirms that residential buildings represent approximately 40% of total energy consumption. Potential energy efficiency savings in this area can contribute substantially to a global reduction in energy consumption, which could help States meet their targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Finally, the company confirms that North America dominated the world market in 2016. In the United States alone, organizations spent $ 100 billion on the energy of their buildings. However, Research and Markets estimates that the Asia / Pacific region will grow at the highest composite annual rate until 2023 due to the development of smart cities and the adoption of green technologies.


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