Multi-Operator Dot, Multi-Dot Enclosure and Strand-Mount Unit will be commercially available in 2018.

Ericsson has introduced three new small cell solutions that it says will help prepare the networks for the launch of 5G, as well as the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT), expanding the coverage and capacity using LTE / 5G.

The network giant has launched Multi-Operator Dot and Multi-Dot Enclosure for indoor implementations and Strand-Mount Unit for outdoor microregions. The solutions will be available commercially in 2018. 

“The Multi-Operator Dot solution offers a set of radio points that can be shared between multiple operators  with one operator who manages the system while others provide radiofrequency signals (it is similar to a DAS active distributed antenna system),” explained Ericsson.

This new architecture allows up to four operators to broadcast a single point solution.

For its part, Multi-Dot Enclosure combines multiple radio points within a single enclosure . The manufacturer has indicated that it is suitable for deployments of multiple operators in individual buildings.

The Strand-Mount unit simplifies the process of installing external microreaders in the existing network, by hanging them in fiber and electric coaxial cables. The new unit can support up to four microradios, making the deployments more profitable by allowing several operators to share a single support.