They have achieved a speed of 1.07 Gbps with a commercial chip, which is seen as “a great milestone on the road to 5G”.

Ericsson, Verizon and Qualcomm Technologies have managed to exceed the gigabit barrier per second in North America.

They have done so during a laboratory test , which is the first time in history that something like this is achieved in the industry. For this they have used commercial silicon. They used the modem Qualcomm Snapdragon X20 LTE , LTE supports speeds that Category 18. And it is noteworthy that only used three carrier 20 MHz spectrum LTE FDD and 12 simultaneous streams.

In the end what these three companies achieved, which already think in future wireless innovations, was a download speed of 1.07 Gbps .

“It’s a great milestone on the road to 5G,” said Mike Finley, senior vice president and president, Qualcomm North America. A milestone that “will allow us better average speeds for all users and that will bring new and exciting experiences for the consumer.”