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Estonia will create a crypto currency G-Global

The coin will be developed on the basis of the intellectual potential of man

The communication portal G-Global Business Portal, whose main activity is improving the performance of companies in the Estonian economic sector, announced the creation of the digital currency G-Global, developed on the basis of the intellectual potential of the individual.

At the moment, the idea has been approved by the Eurasian Economic Club of scientists and has received considerable interest and support from them. The site wants to integrate a TIME coin developed by ChronoBank to determine the benefits that a specific employee of a company brings to the company and monitor its effectiveness during the work process.

The Secretary of the Estonian Center Party noted that he supports the G-Global project, as it will bring a significant contribution to the IT sphere of the country and fully corresponds to the economic development vector of Estonia.

Proceeding from the words of Denis Tsyro, the head of the consulting marketplace, the concept of this token ripened right after the speech of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev on the importance of creating a global financial asset and the ways of its application. In addition, he said that the main goal of the project is to unite experts from all over the world on a single blockade site. Thus, they will have the opportunity to generate a lot of advanced ideas, creating their own start-ups.

Recall, the speech of the president, which Tsyro said, occurred within the framework of the X Astana Economic Forum in June of last year, when Nazarbayev announced that the emergence of a global currency could completely rid the world of currency wars. But most importantly, it must be backed by certain assets, not ephemeral trust, and also be transparent and democratic.